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G&G has been at the forefront of providing high potency mineral formulas for years and we offer a comprehensive range of single minerals as well as multi mineral formulas.

Calcium Gluconate - 350g Powder

Calcium Gluconate one of many different forms of the mineral calcium. Calcium is necessary for bone formation and maintenance, but is also vital in the regulation of heart rhythm, nerve transmission, and muscle contraction.

Biochemic tissue salts

Salts are involved in building the body and keeping you healthy afterwards. Taking a balanced supplement of tissue salts can help if your food is for any reason not providing enough of them.

Mineral Multi - 120 Capsules

Our Mineral Multi supplement has been formulated to provide a unique blend of 13 essential minerals within a single supplement capsule. Out of the 13 minerals that are provided within Mineral Multi, eight are chelated.

Organic Kelp 500 mg - 120 Capsules

Organic kelp (Ascopyphyllum nodosum) supplement is made from pure kelp, sourced from the Outer Hebrides. This means that it is one of the few seaweed to be certified free of ocean borne contaminants, toxic metals and microbial pathogens.

Chromium Picolinate 200 mcg - 60 Capsules

Many people have been known to successfully use Chromium Polynicotinate to stave off cravings for sugars and other proteins and have been successful in losing weight.

Iron 50mg - 60 Capsules

Our Iron mineral supplement contains pure iron bisglycinate, a chelated form of iron, to create a high-quality mineral supplement. Each capsule provides 50mg of elemental iron within a vegetable shell.

Magnesium Carbonate - 100g Powder

Magnesium Carbonate. Magnesium carbonate is used to relieve acid indigestion like heart burn and other stomach upsets.

Magnesium Citrate 100 mg - 90 Capsules

Magnesium is an elemental mineral. Magnesium citrate is a magnesium preparation in salt form with citric acid in a 1:1 ratio (1 magnesium atom per citrate molecule).

Magnesium Taurate 100mg

Magnesium taurate supplement provides high strength magnesium chelate with amino acid taurine. Different chelates of minerals such as magnesium exert their effects in different ways.

Potassium Gluconate 500 mg - 120 Capsules

Potassium Gluconate 500mg. Potassium is an important mineral used in various bodily functions and used in the maintenance of the body's acid-base balance and nerve condition

Zinc & Copper 60 capsules

Both zinc and copper are minerals required by the body for various functions. Some research shows that long term zinc supplementation can cause copper deficiency, and so should be supplemented together in a ratio of 15:1.

Zinc Picolinate 22mg - 120 Capsules

  • Zinc contributes to normal DNA synthesis
  • Zinc contributes to normal acid-base, carbohydrate, fatty-acids and macronutrient metabolism
  • Zinc contributes to normal metabolism of vitamin A
  • Zinc contributes to normal cognitive function

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