Standards of Quality

At G&G the quality of products always comes first. Our manufacturing facilities comply with Class 9 ISO 14644 of International Organization for Standardization for premises. This means that the maximum allowable concentration of particles in the air with the size equal to or greater than 5 microns is less than 293,000.

So you can be sure that when we say "clean premises", they are “premises with controllable concentration of any particles in the air; constructed and used so as to minimize the flow, output and retention of particles inside the room; with controllable temperature, humidity and air pressure”.

These rigorous standards of production and control are strictly followed at all stages from collection of ingredients to getting a final product of the highest quality.

We select the most natural, high quality ingredients available. This mission is paramount for the British G&G laboratory. Once these ingredients have been sourced the most important is to keep the properties of raw materials during all stages of manufacturing and processing.

The G&G Company has its own manufacturing line which is inspected and certified by Britain Soil Association. Certain G&G products passed strict tests for compliance with the highest quality standards of the association.

Our products fully comply with quality standards of GMP («Good Manufacturing Practice») - set of rules, regulations and guidance on the production of medicines, food and food supplements.

Unlike the quality control procedures that only examine samples of some products, GMP standard reflects integral approach that regulates and evaluates the actual parameters of production and laboratory testing.

GMP is responsible for public education on nutrition as well as certification of organic food. In 1967, in the UK, GMP has developed the world's first system for certification of organic products. Later these standards have been used in agriculture, horticulture, food, health and beauty industries.

Since 1966 the G&G Company has been a member of Chartered Quality Institution. CQI provides professional recognition for companies whose products comply with the highest standard of quality. Our membership ensures that the Company maintains the highest level of quality in the production.

The G&G is a member of the Health Food Manufacturer’s Association. Members of this organization are required to adhere to high standards of quality at all stages of production. Each HFMA member company is required to sign a declaration of adherence to GMP principles at various stages of manufacture and distribution. Many standards of GMP were incorporated into food legislation in UK, particularly with respect to food hygiene and environmental protection.

The G&G is certified by Rabbi Adler BPharm MRPharmS to produce kosher products. This certification means that the G&G guarantees absence of non-kosher ingredients in the company's products.

Over the past 45 years G&G has delivered natural products of the highest quality. The company not only meets the high standards of the pharmaceutical industry, but also implements its own quality protocols.