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Capsules or tablets?

Many of us take vitamins supplements daily to meet all the body's needs and to live a happy and healthy life. But which vitamins are better to buy? What is the best for our body? There is no point in taking supplements that are putting in more additives and preservatives than active ingredients. Usually tablet contains only 15% of vitamins and minerals. The rest of the tablet is colourings and preservatives - everything that is deposited in our body. This means taking such vitamins brings more harm than benefit.


Composition of vitamin's tablet

15% - vitamins and minerals.
What is the other 85%?


Fillers, binders, sugar substitutes, colourings, disintegrants and diluents - this is just some of the components. Sugar substitutes, such as cellulose, povidone (PVP), diluents, modified starch and other artificial additives are used for binding and sealing of tablet's natural ingredients and constitute for 85% of its composition.

You get what you pay for - tablets are cheaper than capsules because artificial additives are cheaper than natural ingredients. And when passing through the digestive tract many harmful substances and additives are deposited there.
They do not break down or properly absorbed. This means that by taking the tablet we just contaminate our body and cause it more harm than good.

The cheaper the tablet - the more artificial additives are in it.

Because artificial additives are cheaper.



capsules are based on natural ingredients,
easily dissolvable by your body and
do not contain harmful artificial additives.

Composition of capsule's natural shell

What advice can we give you to form your own opinion about the difference between synthetic and natural vitamins? The advice is very simple – try both of them. You will feel the difference.