Importance of quality

Why Quality of vitamins is very important?


Pure natural or synthetic vitamins?

Many researches have proved that synthetic vitamins, especially with too many additives, would cause more harm than benefit for the body. Reputable manufacturer usually has a membership in organizations that control the purity and quality of products. Many kinds of herbs are sourced and prepared by G&G, some of them are certified as organic by the Soil Association. Take a look at our standards of quality.



витамины в капсулах


You can take the best, the purest vitamins. But if they are in a thick shell, they won't do you any good because they are too hard to digest. The best solution would be to put vitamins into easily soluble capsule for better digestion and absorption. The capsule is easier to swallow than a tablet. But the most important is the quality of capsule's ingredients. Capsules do not contain any of the unnecessary additives. The purer the constituents the better the results. Capsules are better absorbed. The capsule won't pass through the digestive tract undigested. The capsule is completely absorbed by the body, and thus brings the maximum benefit.

More information about the composition of capsules and tablets.



Harmful additives

Check for any harmful additives in vitamins such as any sweeteners and preservatives (aspartame, paraben, povidone, etc.). Eventually these "vitamins" will remain in your body affecting it in the way not fully researched. Quite often manufactures write the true composition of the product in small print. Be careful!



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Choose a well known manufacturer with good reputation

You're getting very little benefit from taking cheap vitamin supplements. They can even bring more harm than any good. Production of high-quality vitamins is quite expensive, especially the 100% pure vitamins. We produce vitamins since 1965 and we are proud that millions of people use them for decades. More information about our membership in the associations controlling high quality and purity of our supplements is here.

Research of our customers’ shows that the reason they take G&G supplements is due to the purity of raw materials and the effectiveness of the products. In the manufacturing of our capsules, no heat is ever used as it destroys vitamins' properties.  (For example, vitamin C begins to lose its properties at a temperature of 60 degrees Celsius). The G&G Company does not use binders, colourants, diluents. The only additive that is ever used is if the active constituent is so tiny as to require a natural base in order to encapsulate it.



The selling company: "just business, nothing personal"
or continuous innovations and leading-edge researches?

Would you prefer to buy health supplements from the Company who continuously and consistently invests the majority of the profit in the research to improve the quality and purity of their vitamins? Or would you rather buy vitamins in tablets from mass production which allow making them cheaper with the maximum profit for the manufacturer?

Pureflo™ & Trufil™ brands and technologies were invented and patented by the G&G Company. This means there are only pure ingredients in the capsules produced using these technologies. Trufil and Pureflo capsules contain no lactose, wheat, yeast, gluten, sugars, chemicals, preservatives or additives. G&G only use the purest ingredients to make the most effective and natural products, therefore bringing the maximum benefit to the body!

G&G is the first in Europe Company to launch the mass production of a revolutionary line of sublingual vitamins which are designed for the rapid and complete absorption. The sublingual vitamins are getting very popular because of their immediate absorption into the blood through the oral blood vessels. The vitamin substance is absorbed into the sublingual veins through the oral mucosa, then immediately enters the bloodstream and quickly spreads throughout the body. Sublingual vitamins are produced in the form of powder and supplied with measuring spoon included.