Vitamin D3 2500IU - 90 Capsules

SKU: GA089
  • 3 month's supply (1-a-day)
  • with vitamins K2 & C
  • Suitable for vegetarians


Supplemental Facts

ingredients for 1 capsule

Ingredients Per Serving
Vitamin C (L-ascorbic acid) 150 mg
Vitamin D (2500iu)
(Vitamin D3)
62.5 μg
Vitamin K
(Vitamin K2 MK-7)
100 μg
Capsule shell: vegetable cellulose 40 mg

Directions: Take 1 capsules daily with a main meal, or as directed by a professional.

Additional Ingredients: Maltodextrin, starch, sucrose, microcrystaline cellulose powder, medium chain triglyceride oil

We've taken our popular Vitamin D3 Plus blend and made a few changes. Like Vitamin D3 Plus, our Vitamin D3 2500IU supplement combines high-quality vitamin D3 with vitamin C and K2. For this supplement we have used our vegan vitamin D3, which is made from natural lichen. We have also slightly reduced the dose of vitamin D3 to support your lifestyle and added 50% more capsules to the bottle. This means that you get an extra month's worth of D3.

Vitamin D3 2500IU provides a high dose of vitamin D3 combined with other vitamins and minerals for the purpose of working synergistically with the body. This formula creates a good blend for bone maintenance. Vitamin D, C, and K2 contribute to the maintenance of normal bones and to the normal function of the immune system. 


Vitamin D3 2500IU supplement is made from natural lichen, a composite organism that arises from algae. Lichen contains incredibly concentrated amounts of vitamin D3, which allows us to produce a high-quality vegan vitamin D supplement.


Vitamin D is a fat-soluble vitamin that can either be ingested in food or manufactured by the body as a result of sunlight falling on the skin. 


Vitamin D contributes to normal:

  • Maintenance of normal bones
  • Maintenance of normal muscle function
  • Function of the immune system
  • Blood calcium levels
  • Maintenance of normal teeth
  • Process of cell division

Vitamin C contributes to normal:

  • Collagen formation for the normal function of blood vessels
  • Collagen formation for the normal function of, cartilage, gums, skin, teeth
  • Protection of cells from oxidative stress
  • Iron absorption
  • Regeneration of the reduced form of vitamin E
  • Functioning of the nervous system
  • Energy-yielding metabolism
  • Psychological function
  • Reduction of tiredness and fatigue
  • Function of the immune system

K contributes to the maintenance of normal bones


Vitamin D3 2500IU is suitable for vegans and vegetarians. It is also approved kosher and does not contain any major allergens.