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Anti-Ageing Pack - 28 Day...
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Anti-Ageing Pack - 28 Day Supplement Pack

SKU: GA125

G&G's Anti-Ageing supplement pack provides a 28 day supply of specially selected health supplements that contribute to the protection of cells from oxidative stress.

Price €34.00

SOOV - Deflate (60 Capsules)

SKU: GA152

2Say bye bye to the bloat.

Deflate was formulated with a host of natural ingredients, including apple cider vinegar, dandelion and burdock, peppermint, enzymes such as papain and bromelain and more. Deflate contains 'chloride which contributes to normal digestion by production of hydrochloric acid in the stomach. 

Price €15.83
Total hydrate lemon -...
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Total hydrate lemon - electrolyte drink mix - 150g powder

SKU: GA173

  • Electrolyte Powder
  • Lemon flavour
  • Potassium, himalayan salt and ionic minerals
  • No artificial colours, sugar or maltodextrin
  • Suitable for vegans
  • 1 month's supply (5g-a-day)
Price €19.93


SKU: test_product

just test product

Price €297.04

Magnesium Citrate 100 mg - 90 Capsules

SKU: GA709

  • Reduction of tiredness and fatigue
  • Energy-yielding metabolism
  • Muscle function
  • Maintenance of normal bones and teeth
  • Electrolyte balance
Price €12.90

Zinc & Copper 60 capsules

SKU: GA047

  • Zinc contributes to normal DNA synthesis
  • Zinc contributes to normal cognitive function
  • Copper contributes to maintenance of connective tissue
  • Copper contributes to normal energy-yielding metabolism
Price €7.03
Sublingual Multivitamin...
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Sublingual Multivitamin Xtra Protecta - 100 g

SKU: GA187

  • 7 week's supply (1g-a-day)
  • Powder supplement, no capsules
  • Ascorbic acid with natural fruit and vegetable powders to taste
  • Suitable for vegetarians and vegans
Price €15.24
SOOV - Ova (150G POWDER)
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SOOV - Ova (150G POWDER)

SKU: GA132

With inositol and cinnamon plus chromium to aid normal blood glucose levels and zinc to aid normal blood testosterone levels

Price €40.45

Super Antioxidant Plus - 60 Capsules

SKU: GA513

  • Energy-yielding metabolism
  • Functioning of the nervous system
  • Function of the immune system
  • Thyroid function
  • Normal fertility and reproduction
  • Normal protein synthesis
Price €23.45

Zinc Picolinate 22mg - 120 Capsules

SKU: GA711

  • Zinc contributes to normal DNA synthesis
  • Zinc contributes to normal acid-base, carbohydrate, fatty-acids and macronutrient metabolism
  • Zinc contributes to normal metabolism of vitamin A
  • Zinc contributes to normal cognitive function
Price €11.72

Boswellia & Turmeric - 90 Capsules

SKU: GA075

  • 3 month's supply (1-a-day)
  • High strength boswellia
  • Turmeric - 95% curcuminoids
  • Suitable for vegetarians and vegans
Price €25.79

Selenium 200 ug - 120 Capsules

SKU: GA097

  • 4 month's supply (1-a-day)
  • Organic plant based from yeast
  • Suitable for vegetarians and vegans
Price €14.07
Organic Ginger Root - 60...
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Organic Ginger Root - 60 Capsules

SKU: GA061

Organic Ginger Root supplement provides high quality ginger root within a vegetable cellulose capsule.

Price €7.03
Gluco Control - 60 Capsules
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Gluco Control - 60 Capsules

SKU: GA092

  • Contains Chromium which contributes to normal blood glucose levels
  • 100% Biodegradable tub & label
  • 1 month's supply (2-a-day)
  • Suitable for vegans
Price €30.48

Digesta Cleanse - 120 capsules (New Formula)

SKU: GA038

Digesta Cleanse is a reformulated product which now contains a blend of natural and high quality ingredients, formulated for the digestive system as part of our Digesta programme.

Price €21.10

Pine Bark - 90 Capsules

SKU: GA128

  • Pine Bark extract
  • 3 month's supply (1g-a-day)
  • Suitable for vegans
Price €8.21